We need YOUR help!

Our dedicated staff work hard to assist faith communities become more environmentally-friendly and sustainable in their places of worship and beyond. Luckily, we continue to receive more and more requests for GSS Halton-Peel programming and participation by our amazing faith communities in the two regions, so we would love to have your help!

Volunteering with us will help you connect with communities, learn new and interesting skills, apply your existing expertise and experience, log volunteer hours, grow your network and become an important part of our wonderful GSS Halton-Peel family!

We recruit volunteers for the following types of activities:

  • Workshop support – assisting with hands-on workshops, providing expertise in environmental topics to lead workshops or informative presentations, etc.
  • Event support – running/helping at the GSS Halton-Peel outreach booth, assisting with event planning and activities, helping secure support for and participation in our events, etc.
  • Promotion – helping with the GSS Halton-Peel newsletter, creating promotional materials, helping with our website or social media campaigns, designing promotional campaigns, etc.
  • Data entry/office work – if you like typing and excel or have a knack for organising, and can spare a few hours on occasion, this one’s for you!
  • Become an advisor or community rep – do you have experience working in, developing programming for, advising or producing strategic documents for programs like GSS Halton-Peel? Perhaps you are connected or have a leadership role within a faith community in Halton or Peel and want to start organising GSS Halton-Peel programming in your community. Let us know!
  • Other tasks/ideas? Maybe you’ve identified an area for improvement, expansion or a need in community that you think we can help with. We’re open to hearing other types of volunteer work you think would be useful to faith communities that you would like to help us with.

We always need help! Please fill out a volunteer registration form on the HEN website and indicate what GSS projects or activities you can assist us with.

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