Setting up for OBF 2018

For the last two months, I have been working as the summer student at GSS Halton Peel. I worked in the position of program assistant for GSS. The bulk of my work was working in community, whether it was outreach, assisting in workshops, or being and preparing for larger events.

I really loved working in community because I was able to see how different communities, especially faith communities, come together when it comes to caring for our world and being mindful of the environment. If I were to go into detail about everything I worked on in these past two months, I would probably crash the website because it would be way too long. Instead, I want to focus on the two larger events that were big highlights of my time here.

The first one was the Halton Interfaith Peace Camp in Oakville where we got to visit different faith buildings and learn about the different faiths as well as participating in fun activities outdoors with 21 amazing campers. It was really awesome to talk to the kids about the Green Rule in relation with the Golden Rule. My favorite part of the camp was when the kids created their own skits that were environmentally themed. They were so creative and it so inspiring to see!

The largest event I was involved in was the One Burlington Festival that was this past Monday. It was an event that was created to celebrate the diversity of culture and religion that exists in Burlington and this year, the theme of the festival was the Green Rule! We are so proud of all the faith communities for really making a big effort in making the festival more environmental by having only halal chicken and veggie burgers at the BBQ, having proper waste mitigation, and using compostable plates and utensils. At the event, GSS had a booth and we also were running the Children’s Activity of making a sugar scrub with the kids. We made sugar scrubs with over 80 kids! It was such a successful event and we had the best time.

I am so grateful for my time here at GSS and will miss working with our amazing team and all the different faith communities!

Nesar Safajou, GSS Program Assistant