Community Gardens

Are you interested in greening your sacred outdoor space? We help faith communities design, implement and gain the skills to maintain a garden on their faith property. We also help a long list of faith communities, including faith schools, with hands-on workshops or advice on their outdoor greening initiatives. Whether it’s a pollinator, meditative, peace or vegetable garden – we can help!

Planting at Solel Synagogue
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Community Food Gardens

You can help provide space for local, healthy food by creating community garden plots on your faith property. It is a great way to show your faith in action through outreach to the community and can be combined with other programs and community engagement such as seed-saving and seed-swap events, contributions to your local food bank, hosting local food or 100-mile dinners. We have a lot of workshops and activities to get youth involved, and teach valuable lessons in gardening that participants can take home with them too!

Peace or Meditative Gardens

Create a green space on your property that encourages your community to increase their connection to nature while providing a space for reflection, meditation and peace.

Pollinator Gardens

Pollinators such as butterflies, birds and bees are critical for biodiversity and food security. They are also often a powerful symbol of rebirth and spirituality for many faiths. Adding a pollinator garden to your faith property combines beautification, community outreach, and ecological support for these endangered local pollinator species. We also have great workshops teaching about pollinators and native pollinator plants!

Tarbiyah learning garden

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