Energy Benchmarking Program

In the Energy Benchmarking Program, our team helps your faith community summarize past hydro and gas consumption for a performance report, so you better understand your usage trends and problem areas. Usually partners opt to get an audit done for their building at this point, even if it’s a DIY walk-through audit. GSS Halton-Peel has the funding to provide TWO green audits per year to project partners that qualify. Then based on recommendations from the audit, we give you advice and point you towards available resources for energy saving initiatives and retrofits that fit your goals and budget. Finally, we continue to measure your faith building’s energy performance for the following years in order to track any differences made by modifications and to help set new goals for efficiency.

The Energy Benchmarking Program was launched by Faith & the Common Good in January 2018 and has already received a fantastic amount of support and interest by diverse faith communities in the Halton and Peel regions!

BONUS: Registration and participation in the program are FREE!!

GSS Halton-Peel is currently offering this program in Oakville only, but hopes to expand to other areas in Halton and Peel in the future. Please contact for more information.

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We will contact you with your energy performance report and provide advice and resources for other initiatives to improve your energy efficiency. We will work with you for three more years, providing energy performance reports and support to get you on the right track to reducing your environmental impact through more efficient energy consumption.

More on Energy Benchmarking: PAST, PRESENT

and FUTURE impacts

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Energy Benchmarking for Faith Buildings

Energy benchmarking means accessing, understanding and measuring your patterns of energy consumption (hydro and gas) in your faith building in the PAST. Wouldn’t you like to know what months you consume more energy, what activities in the building are consuming more energy, and what types of operations lead to more or less consumption during the year? Once you are registered, we provide you with an Energy Performance Report on this past data and walk you through the results.Looking at these past usage patterns can help our team provide useful advice on how you can be more efficient consumers in the PRESENT. This includes recommending Green Audits, providing useful workshops, pointing you towards government rebates, grants or local distribution company incentives for energy-related retrofitting initiatives, and supporting you in your goals for reducing energy usage.

The partnership doesn’t end there! We will continue to track your FUTURE usage for the following years. After taking our advice and capacity building opportunities, you can see what kind of difference is being made to your environmental impact and your utility bills. If you sign up in 2018, we will provide two more annual Energy Performance Reports to you before the end of the program, so you can track what actions made a difference and keep setting more and more efficiency goals over time.

By accessing your energy data for the last year or more, providing advice and support on energy efficiency targeted at your particular faith building, and then continuing to measure usage for a following years – you can have concrete data on how you took positive action to reduce your environmental impact AND your utility bills.

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“Energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, and largest single resource solution for simultaneously saving energy, saving money, and preventing GHG emissions.” – Energy Star Action Workbook for Congregations, US EPA, 2017