Energy Benchmarking Program

What is Energy Benchmarking?

Energy Benchmarking puts a spotlight on the amount of energy your faith building is using. But you can’t manage what you don’t measure! And that’s what Energy Benchmarking is; a measurement and review of your building’s energy consumption to determine if your building’s energy performance is getting better or worse each year.

This program is for faith organizations located in Halton-Peel. It is managed by Faith & the Common Good. 

Key information you will learn about your faith building:

– How much energy your building uses

– How much money you spend on energy

– Your faith building’s carbon footprint

– How your building compares to other similar faith buildings


But you get more than just a report!

Energy Incentives

– We share energy incentives/rebate opportunities with you

– We help you with the process to access energy incentives

– We liaise with local utility companies to assist you (when available)



– We share opportunities for you to apply for grants

– We strategize solutions and share best practices to find funding

Green Building Audits

– We provide you with a free DIY Green Audit book

– If you prefer a professional audit, we will arrange that for you 

Ultimate Benefits:
Save energy consumption, costs, and the planet!

Interested in signing up for our Energy Benchmarking Program? Click here to learn more

Energy Benchmarking for Faith Buildings

The Energy Benchmarking Program was launched by Faith & the Common Good in January 2018 and has already received a fantastic amount of support and interest by diverse faith communities in the Halton and Peel regions!

“Energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, and largest single resource solution for simultaneously saving energy, saving money, and preventing GHG emissions.” – Energy Star Action Workbook for Congregations, US EPA, 2017