Environmental Workshops

What motivates your faith community to be more environmental? We invite you to meet with our team to design or request a workshop from a variety of topics wthat interest and educate your community. We can plan hands-on workshops for all ages and types of groups in your faith community (i.e. youth group, green teams, seniors club, women’s group, etc.), show environmental films, take part in table-talks and events, and arrange guest speakers for small to large groups. We can target programming to your place of worship (for example, gardening on the faith property) or for individuals to take what they have learned and apply it at home, school or in the workplace.

Some of our current workshops include:


We can help tidy or transform existing gardens or consult in the creation of a plan for a new garden. These workshops involve hands-on activities and can be done in the garden of the faith property or in a classroom setting with materials that can be taken home to personal gardens. Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Creating a garden: assessing space, planning your plants and creating a planting schedule
  • Vermicomposting: Creating an indoor composter using worms
  • Native species: How to choose the right plants for your green space
  • Self-Irrigating Planters (SIPs): starting a handheld garden of microgreens in recycled milk cartons using bits of old t-shirts
  • Seeds: learning about native seeds, seed libraries and making seed balls or seed spheres to disperse in local habitats or at home
Planting at the Solel Synagogue
Tarbiyah learning garden

Natural Care Products

The chemicals and by-products involved in making every day personal care products like deodorant or skin scrubs negatively affect the environment. The ingredients in the products themselves can be harmful to your health, not to mention the manufacturing of plastic containers and transportation of these goods being harmful to the environment. This workshop discusses these impacts and teaches participants some easy ways to create their own natural products using natural and chemical-free ingredients such as coconut oil, baking soda, sugar and essential oils. This is a fun activity for groups of all ages; and you get to take home your healthy creations!


What do you do when you no longer want your old clothes? You upcycle them! Upcyling is taking something you would have thrown away, but instead, turn it into something even more useful. In this workshop, we upcycle your old t-shirt into a reusable shopping bag, a pillow or whatever you can think of! This is a hands-on workshop to reinvent your old clothes into something new.

Food Waste

Save money and the planet by putting an end to food waste! Learn the impact of food waste on the environment and learn how to preserve food (freeze herbs, preserve food in jar, make jams, and more). This workshop has a tasty outcome!

Eco Films

Bring your own popcorn bowl and sit back as we present a film to help you understand environmental issues, followed by a group activity or discussion. We offer a variety of topics and titles. Note: there may be a nominal cost to secure the rights to show the film.

Guest Speakers

Are you organising an event in your faith community and would like someone to speak about an environmental topic? Let us know! We are available for speaking engagements around events such as Earth Day, World Water Day, World Oceans Day, International Day for Biological Diversity, or other events in your community where you would like to educate and inspire environmental stewardship!

Interested in another environmental topic?

We can design programming within GSS Halton-Peel or with the help of our various environmental partners in Halton and Peel regions that focuses on what motivates you to be more environmental and sustainable in your place of worship and within your faith community at large. We want to help!

To find out more about or workshops or to schedule a workshop in your faith community, email us at: gss@haltonenvironment.ca or call us at 905 815 6185 ex 2.

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